Currently exploring new ventures and opportunities

Willard J. Stearns & Sons Inc., Mountain Dairy, Storrs, CT [2017-2018]
President / Chief Operating Officer (Transition Team)

Elephant Mountain Farm, Huletts Landing, NY [2012-2015]
Partner / Director of Finances and Marketing


Uganda - Technology Adoption, Seed Multiplication, and Preliminary Aflatoxin Assessment [2015-16]
--  Adoption of High-Yielding Groundnut Varieties: The Sustainability of a Farmer-Led Multiplication-Dissemination Program in Eastern Uganda [Sustainability 2018, 1o, 1597]
--  Adaptation and Adoption of Improved Seeds through Extension: Evidence from Farmer-Led Groundnut Multiplication in Uganda
      Selected Paper - 2015 AAEA Annual Meetings, San Francisco, CA, USA [Full Text] [Presentation] & 2016 AAAE Annual Meetings, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia [Full Text]  
      Research Report - The Zwick Center for Food & Resource Policy, Dept. of Agricultural & Resource Economics, UConn, Storrs, CT, USA [Full Text] 
--  An Assessment of Groundnut Aflatoxin Contamination Awareness and Mitigation Practices in Rural Uganda
       Selected Paper - 2015 APRES Annual Meetings, Charleston, SC, USA [Presentation]
Ghana - Peanut Mycotoxin Innovation Lab (PMIL): Assessment of Groundnut Production and Aflatoxin [2015-17]
-- Preventing Aflatoxin Contamination in Groundnut Cultivation, Book Chapter, Contributing Author, In Press [2018]
Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia - Regional Value Chain and Cost of Production Analysis [2016-17]

Multi-State Dairy AFRI Project [2010-12]
N.E. Dairy COP & Nutrient Management Poster [2012]
CT Dairy Cost of Production Study [2013] [Full Report] [Presentation] 

USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant [2009-12]
Should We Top Up the Winemaker's Cup? [2010]
A Preliminary Analysis of Investing in Wine Grape Production [2011]
An Economic Analysis of Wine Grape Production in Connecticut [2012-13] [Full Text] [Presentation]
Wine Grape Price Variability as an Indicator of Fruit Quality: Evidence from a Sample of Chilean Vineyards [2013] [Abstract] [Presentation]


Inter-American Development Bank: 
-- Ex Ante
 analysis of country-wide agricultural extension program to enhance production, quality, processing, & export, Dominican Republic [2012]
-- Impact evaluation of PRONEGOCIOS program - country-wide program to establish and enhance rural producer-owned and operated organizations, Hondouras [2015]
Planet Water:
-- Impact evaluation of clean water initiatives at elementary schools in Columbia and the Philippines [2015-16] [Full Text]


Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UConn, Storrs, CT, USA
-- ARE 1110: Food, Population, and the Environment 
-- ARE 4464/5464: Benefit Cost Analysis and Resource Management
-- ARE 5495: Special Topics - Agricultural Production Economics 
Department of Science, Technology, Environmental Studies and Mathematics, Mitchell College, New London, CT, USA
-- ES 315: Environmental Economics
Department of Economics, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT, USA
-- ECO 215: Statistics for Business and Economics
USAID Education and Research in Agriculture (ERA), Dakar, Senegal  
-- Impact Evaluation in Agricultural Development Workshop


University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA
        -- Doctor of Philosophy (2020): Agricultural and Resource Economics; Dissertation Topic: Agricultural Production and Development
        -- Master of Science (2012): Agricultural and Resource Economics; Thesis: An Economic Analysis of Wine Grape Production in Connecticut
        -- Bachelor of Science (2009): Environmental Sciences; Concentration: Chemistry
        -- Bachelor of Arts (2009): Philosophy; Minor: Religious Studies
University of Oxford, Oxford, England
        -- Summer Intensive (2015): Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative
Harrison High School, Harrison, NY, USA
The Whitby School, Greenwich, CT, USA

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